Alcibiade is a Business Consulting company specialised in providing services in the areas of project management, change management, data science, business intelligence, SAP solutions implementation, HANA and BW technical expertise.
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Our consultants have years of experience working within large consulting firms and on complex projects.

As a result, they have gained:

  • the objective vision and pragmatic approach needed to meet highly  technical goals
  • the flexibility and adaptability required to overcome the strategic challenges of our clients

Three complementary approaches ensure the technical, financial, and human success of your project:

  • A systematic and tailored approach to project management allows us to monitor progress and spot risk factors early. This means we can guarantee a high quality of deliverables and controlled compliance costs.
  • Our collaborative approach to third-party client teams facilitates smooth and efficient implementation of handling solutions.
  • We also offer customised training services as part of the change management necessary for the success of the project. Training is adapted for each target, support team, user team, and management team.