Benefits - Alcibiade Business Consulting
Alcibiade is a Business Consulting company specialised in providing services in the areas of project management, change management, data science, business intelligence, SAP solutions implementation, HANA and BW technical expertise.
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Consulting benefits

Our specialty is improving the value of your data, so that you can:

Make the right decision at every level
  • Consolidate and homogenise data according to a coherent business model
  • Improve data quality in ERP applications
  • Standardisation of corporate business rules at all levels
  • Deliver the appropriate data to support corporate process at every level
Reduce decision time for a fast response
  • Maintain real EDW, including all your company’s figures in one place
  • Choose from detailed analysis or highly aggregated dashboards
  • Focus easily on specific areas to identify strengths, weaknesses or quality issues
Derive an accurate assessment of your company
  • Process large volumes of data in real time
  • Make data available for those who need it
  • Provide appropriate visualisation and information for each possible application
  • Engage with all devices, from laptop to mobile
Secure involvement of all organisation members and partners
  • Give stakeholders easy access to relevant information
  • Share data easily and quickly for improved collaboration
  • Gain the cooperation of all collaborators and partners through sharing the same objectives and data